Natasha and her space bike – Toon Rendered Free HD wallpaper


Yeah! I think this is the toon look I want to achieve for the 3futurez holodeck musical ! Dark intense shadows with a toon band shader, yet a faint glow in the reflection of Natasha’s back. Plus wonderful freestyle lines. There is some more magic in the compositor. The great thing is: The quality is excellent so that we can apply it on animation without need to manually postprocess anything.

Feel free to use it as wallpaper. Klick on the image to get the full HD resolution.

This fabulous toon render setup was built by Colin Barton using blender and cycles for me. Check out his website:


3futurez Holodeck Demo at Loncon 3 – Game Over – Game On

3futurez Holodeck Demo at Loncon 3

It was a great experience being at the 72nd World Science Fiction in London from August 14th to 18th 2014! ( )
So many crazy and unique people all passionate about science fiction. Paradise for a scifi author.

Actually I sold some English book versions of my novel GameW0rldz as paperback and ebook version on a USB stick.
And I sold some 3D scans of scifi fans.

But the most exciting thing was there were over 150 visitors to my 3futurez holodeck demo. Almost everybody was
impressed by this little animation. Many comments were: “Amazing”, “That is really cool”, “wonderful”.
All was done in Blender 3D. The demo was then ported to unity 3d by .
The ease of usage was one important point. You just put the VR glasses on and can behave naturally in the
world suddenly surrounding you. Just turn your head and you look at the lady dancing between those radio telescopes.
A very few people felt a bit dizzy but especially younger ones adapted really quickly to the surrounding scene.
I had to stop some people from walking around while being blind in the real world but no major accidents happened.

Alas the Loncon is over now. But the game for the 3futurez holodeck musical is on.
Thank you very much for your visit and the very important honest feedback on my demo.

If you also want to get an impression of the holodeck demo you can get it by watching the Loncon 3 mini trailer:



3futurez expose available for download

3fExposeThumbnailView the 3futurez expose in full HD and discover the crazy plans for the 3futurez scifi novel and the 3futurez holodeck musical.

For contributors and top league supporters I added the 3futurezExposePlanBehindPlan.pdf

Learn how you can get in contact if you want to become part of this 21st century adventure.

I’m looking forward to be hearing from you!

Chuck Ian Gordon