Larkin’s crazy ideas #2, 2015.01.09.a. savonius wind turbine in drain pipe

FCAL crazy idea #2: 2015.01.09a – savonius Wind Turbine in Drain pipe (original from 13th of August 2014)

Hi all,

today I present the savonius wind turbine in a drain pipe. I had the idea when traveling to the – the world science fiction convention on August 13th 2014 during my flight from Frankfurt to London City Airport.

The idea is to put the construction into a drain pipe so you can transport it on a camping bus. Maybe have some covers / caps for the pipe.
The pipe hase some flipable legs and it can be secured by some ropes or lines.
Step 1 is: get it from your bus, flip the legs open and foster it with the ropes.
Step 2: get the turbine out with another line. It is folded and made out of fabric / cloth for kites.
Step 3: open it with other lines / ropes so it is like an opened newspaper.
Step 4: There are flexible metal or fiber tent poles that can be pulled by another rope/line so the turbine is now in form of an S shape seen from top.
Step 5: Plug in your devices needing power at the socket in the drain which means the electric parts, the dynamo/generator and the sockets need to be placed in the drain as well.

That’s it for today.

F.C.A. Larkin

License: public domain
Patents or other I.P.:unknown.