Larkin’s crazy ideas #1, 2015.01.01.a. inflatable telepresence bot

lci.2015.01.01.a.inflatableTelepresenceBotHi Guys – and hi Ladies!

my name is Frederic Christian Axel Larkin and I am going to change the world by making a gift to mankind frequently starting right now on January, 1st 2015.
For now I cannot tell you all about me. But you could see me as a mad scientist having thousands of ideas about new technology combined with our ancient heritage and hopefully a bit of wisdom.
I will explain more of my intentions later on. But for now it is enough for you to know: each of these ideas is released by me into the public domain including all text and all other media (images, video etc.)
So everybody can use it for free, and nobody can prevent him to do so, unless of course… there is a patent or something similar that restricts usage to the intellectual property holder.
I am an inventor, not a lawyer and I don’t want to be one. I do not have the time to check if there are patents on my ideas. They are my ideas – or I will write from whom they are as far as I know.
Now here is my request to you honourable readers. If you discover that I presented an idea already thought or patented or in some other way “secured” by somebody else, please inform me about that and I will append this information to my idea. Each idea has a number showing the date of release e.g. 2015.12.31.a for the last day in the year 2015 plus a letter from a to z in case I have more than one post each day.
As said, I will explain more during our journey to great inventions and a great future. Oh, and if you plan to use my ideas for building something great, please consider using them wisely and in the spirit of chivalry for the good of our 21st century culture. And if you did build something great please send me an information about that so I can append this to the idea post as well. I will provide you with my contact details later or enable commenting on those posts.

Thanks – and let’s rock the future!

(Frederic C.A. Larkin)

FCAL crazy idea #1: 2015.01.01a – inflatable telepresence bot

The idea: You know these remote controlled telepresence bots running on two wheels that are kept in balance by a computer. They have a stick on them with a display on top showing the face of the person on the other side. Nice. But easily you could improve the “real person feeling” by giving it a more human shape without too much additional weight. This can be achieved by having an inflatable cloth or fabric in a rough human like shape. To inflate it you need a little fan (ventilator) at the bottom where the wheels are and some kind of air pressure sensor plus a valve letting air freely in but not out. Building it this way you do not need the fan active all the time but only if pressure drops under a certain metric. You can decide for yourself if you think a second release valve or a bidirectional controllable valve is the better idea. The result of this addition to common telepresence bots is that you have a much more human like presence to interact with for a cheap price. I believe it should be possible to build such an addon at reasonable costs so that it is affordable to equip your fafourite telepresence bot with a real body. Picture with sketch of it attached.

License: public domain
Patents or other I.P.:unknown.