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Larkin’s crazy ideas #3, 2015.01.18.a. The LarkinLiveHolodizer

LarkinLiveHolodizerFCAL crazy idea #3: 2015.01.18a – The LarkinLiveHolodizer

Hi all,

The LarkinLiveHolodizer is a system for transmitting live acting performances to the spectator to his favourite VR device, may it be a holodeck, VR glasses, stereo retina projection or direct nerve induction or whatever. Now: What is the difference to animation or tweaked recording? It is live. You can enjoy the live performance of a real actor as if you were sitting right there in the first row. Watching his performance, his emotion, even his glitches – without the need of being there – and without the limitations for the actor. Think like this actor. You perform and several million people are sitting in the first row. With this technology this is possible. The future is bright!

Now: how does it work? The image illustrates the process. Klick on it and look at the letters A, B, C on the image.
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Larkin’s crazy ideas #2, 2015.01.09.a. savonius wind turbine in drain pipe

FCAL crazy idea #2: 2015.01.09a – savonius Wind Turbine in Drain pipe (original from 13th of August 2014)

Hi all,

today I present the savonius wind turbine in a drain pipe. I had the idea when traveling to the – the world science fiction convention on August 13th 2014 during my flight from Frankfurt to London City Airport.

The idea is to put the construction into a drain pipe so you can transport it on a camping bus. Maybe have some covers / caps for the pipe.
The pipe hase some flipable legs and it can be secured by some ropes or lines.
Step 1 is: get it from your bus, flip the legs open and foster it with the ropes.
Step 2: get the turbine out with another line. It is folded and made out of fabric / cloth for kites.
Step 3: open it with other lines / ropes so it is like an opened newspaper.
Step 4: There are flexible metal or fiber tent poles that can be pulled by another rope/line so the turbine is now in form of an S shape seen from top.
Step 5: Plug in your devices needing power at the socket in the drain which means the electric parts, the dynamo/generator and the sockets need to be placed in the drain as well.

That’s it for today.

F.C.A. Larkin

License: public domain
Patents or other I.P.:unknown.


Larkin’s crazy ideas #1, 2015.01.01.a. inflatable telepresence bot

lci.2015.01.01.a.inflatableTelepresenceBotHi Guys – and hi Ladies!

my name is Frederic Christian Axel Larkin and I am going to change the world by making a gift to mankind frequently starting right now on January, 1st 2015.
For now I cannot tell you all about me. But you could see me as a mad scientist having thousands of ideas about new technology combined with our ancient heritage and hopefully a bit of wisdom.
I will explain more of my intentions later on. But for now it is enough for you to know: each of these ideas is released by me into the public domain including all text and all other media (images, video etc.)
So everybody can use it for free, and nobody can prevent him to do so, unless of course… there is a patent or something similar that restricts usage to the intellectual property holder.
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