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Sneak preview into the future at

From August 14th to August 18th 2014 the 72nd world science fiction convention will be held at London for the 3rd time ( . Gordon’s Arcade will be there in the Dealers Hall on Table F14 (about in the middle of the hall).

I have prepared four goodies for you!

First I have copies of the English GameW0rldz scifi novel with me. Come and get your signed printed copy or get the eBook on a USB stick in various formats (epub, mobipocket, html, pdf)

Second I offer insights into the GamW0rldz sequel 3futurez. Discover details about the story and the presentation format as holodeck musical. Watch the first motion captured animation and parts of the storyboard.

Third experience the fascinating 3D technology yourself. Take a first look through my 3D VR Head set and see Natasha Morrison in 3D. Want to take a VR souvenir with you? Get your personal 3d scan. From a 3D photo I will produce a 3D mesh from your face for you and put it into a small 3D animation.

Finally science fiction is not just stories about the future. It is a way to reflect about our chances and our risks and then take actions to create a better future for our civilization. I invite you to join this galactic rebellion. Let’s talk about it. Meanwhile enjoy the great great 5secondfilm about the galactic rebellion.

I am pretty excited about those upcoming days and am looking forward to meeting you in person in London.

Chuck Ian Gordon

Zukunftschronik 2114 – Welche Botschaft schickst Du 100 Jahre in die Zukunft?

[English article here]
Viele Organisationen planen für das nächste Quartal oder das nächste Fiskaljahr. Wir planen für das nächste Jahrhundert., Gordon’s Arcade und Skilltower Institute starten die 100-Jahre-Zeitkapsel für Deine Botschaft an die Zukunft.

Unter dem Namen Zukunftschronik 2114 entsteht eine 100-jährige Webseite mit Visionen und Botschaften für das Jahr 2114 sowie eine Science Fiction Reportage, die ein Jahrhundert in die Vergangenheit blickt in das Jahr 2014.
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Future Chronicles 2114 – What message do you send 100 years into the future?

[German article here]
Many organizations plan for the next quarter or next fiscal year. We plan for the next century., Gordon’s Arcade and Skilltower Institute just started the 100 year time capsule for your message to the future.

We create a 100 year website with visions and video messages for the year 2114 as well as a motion picture science fiction report looking back a century at the year 2014. We call this project Zukunftschronik-2114 (future chronicles 2114). In the first step the movie will be in German. But we are seriously considering an English version if we sense enough demand for that.
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GameW0rldz continues – 3futurez – the science fiction musical

(German below)

Stay tuned! GameW0rldz continues! (see

The sequel to GameW0rldz is the story of hacker star Natasha Morrison leading civilization into a most wonderous future for the next 1000 years. As with all progress great chances and great dangers come along. It is a space story with some amazing encounters. So 3 futurez is a story about the chances of utopia and of dystopia and what we accomplish facing our future as civilization in the 3rd millenium – and of course great, solid science fiction with all that stuff we love to see in it.

But wait! 3futurez is much more.

It will be a novel like GameW0rldz but it will also be a science fiction musical which will completely be computeranimated within unity 3d as Game engine. So it will be experiencable like a video game. Therefore we use soho class technology to revolutionize the production pipeline of hollywood class movies as well as classical musical theater.

Along with this we conduct a research project on future drivers from technology over society over mythology to environment. We will have a close look at how all these aspects influence each other and what controls we need to tweak to improve our future – hoping to create the next generation open business innovation initiative for far advanced businesses.

Sounds all like a bunch of crazy ideas? Yeah this is science fiction! As other crazy ideas before – like cellphones, tv, the internet or space travel.
So when is it ready? Well. Crazy ideas might take a while. As I am writing this it is May 2013.  I already put together the ideas of it since my first novel 2011. I guess it could take some years to get it done step by step. I will keep you informed.

Stay tuned for more information!


GameW0rldz geht weiter. (Wer es nicht kennt: Hier der Link zur Kindle Version und zum gedruckten Buch auf Amazon sowie zur offiziellen Website:

Die Nachfolgegeschichte heißt 3Futurez.

Es geht um mehrere mögliche Zukünfte ab ca. der Zeit von GameW0rldz (in der nahen Zukunft des 21. Jahrhunderts) bis ca. ins Jahr 3000 – also 1000 Jahre in die Zukunft.

Die Hauptrolle spielt die Star Hackerin Natasha Morrison und es wird ein sagenhaftes echtes Weltraumabenteuer.

Für die Geschichte suche ich inhaltliche Anregungen in der Community und Expertenkreisen zu Q-GRINS Technologien suche (Quantenphysik, Genetics, Robotics, Information Technology, Nanotech, Spacetec).

Neben einer Romanfassung werde ich ein Science-Fiction Musical von 3Futurez erschaffen. Daher glaube ich auch, dass die Arbeit insgesamt ein paar Jahre in Anspruch nehmen wird.

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Ich freue mich darauf, von Dir zu hören!

Herzlichen Gruß

Chuck Ian Gordon