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Stereoscopic VR Sphere Toon rendered – public domain

Here it is. I refined the earlier approaches to render a stereoscopic VR sphere including the toon shading and the freestyle lines in resolution of 4096×4096.
It has some artifacts in the freestyle lines and some sawtooth distortion especially in the upper and lower part. But as the equirectangular projection highly compresses those parts it looks good to me on my VR headset which is a Google Nexus 5 (Full HD resolution) using vrPlayer.
Just klick on the image to download the large version.


I hereby release this image to the public domain using the CC0 1.0 license :

Have fun with it.
Chuck Ian Gordon

P.S.: You can find some more information how to use it here:


photosphere toon shaded with freestyle strokes

Klick on the top image to visit the google phototsphere.
Finally I packed the complete toon render setup into a immersive photosphere. The problem that was to solve was that freestyle doesn’t support panoramic cams – especially equirectangular. The solution was to create 6 renders (cube projection) with freestyle applied and create an equirectangular render in a second step from that with the prerendered cubes.

It seems that we have accomplished a sufficient quality. Next step is to add a sterescopic sphere like we did with the low quality render before.

Here is the complete photosphere as equirectangular image of 4096×2048:
full photosphere rendering toon rendered with freestyle strokes

Natasha and her space bike – Toon Rendered Free HD wallpaper


Yeah! I think this is the toon look I want to achieve for the 3futurez holodeck musical ! Dark intense shadows with a toon band shader, yet a faint glow in the reflection of Natasha’s back. Plus wonderful freestyle lines. There is some more magic in the compositor. The great thing is: The quality is excellent so that we can apply it on animation without need to manually postprocess anything.

Feel free to use it as wallpaper. Klick on the image to get the full HD resolution.

This fabulous toon render setup was built by Colin Barton using blender and cycles for me. Check out his website:


Toon render test in 3d and 2d in full HD

The author of – Colin Barton – did a great job
creating a toon rendering setup for 3futurez. We are not finished yet
but here is a first toon rendered turntable impression.
Using blender cycles 512 samples and freestyle for the black edges.

toon render test 2D Video:

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