Blender Conference 2014 – Wake the superhero in you with the 3futurez holodeck musical

BCON14_3futurez_ChuckGordonThe Blender Conference 2014 in Amsterdam (#BCON14) was such a marvelous event with so many great talks, demos and exchange of thoughts.

My talk at the Blender Conference 2014 with the title: the 3futurez holodeck musical was well received. (klick on image to enlarge)

I spoke about:

1) how to wake the superhero inside you

2) how to help mankind qualify for the 22nd century

3) how to do this wich blender and have fun (with my holodeck musical)

You can see the full video (about 30 minutes at the website or on youtube (embedded below) at: .

The demo animations start at 12:20 and 23:25

The presentation is available at:

Have fun and happy blending 🙂